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Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Respect in the Workplace

Evac+Chair has been specified by Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd as part of the company’s evacuation strategy for the mobility impaired.

At Dow, the company respect the diversity of the workplace and provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants---including people with disability. The company make its premises accessible for all and ensuring people with disability have equal opportunities to evacuate too. The company maintain a safe and healthy work environment and are committed to eliminating work-related illnesses and injuries. The company decided to install the Evac+Chair following a full health and safety review.

The health and safety manager Eric Foo said, “We were extremely impressed with the initial product demonstration at our office. The Evac+Chair glides down steps and can be operated effortlessly by one person which is fantastic from a manual handling point of view. After trying it out ourselves, we concluded that Evac+Chair represented a high quality and effective solution to our evacuation strategy for the mobility impaired."

The Evac+Chair are designed to provide assistance to people who have difficulty or are incapable of independently descending staircases in an emergency. Individuals with physical disabilities, pregnant women or the elderly are amongst those who could benefit from this additional safety facility. The chairs are simple, easy-to-use device which can be employed in the event of an emergency when lifts cannot be used. The lightweight unit allows one person to transport another downstairs quickly and safely with some training required and very little physical strength.

Escape Consult Mobiltex (S) Pte Ltd supplied the chairs and provided trainings to Dow key staff, which allowed ‘key trained’ Dow staff to internally train other staff to operate the chairs during evacuation drills.

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