Case Studies

Faster Way of Evacuation in Emergencies

NUH proceeded to search for a safer method of evacuation, and settled on the evacuation chair system. This device is commonly used in the United Kingdom for vertical evacuation by way of stairs in tall buildings. Some advantages of using the evacuation chair in hospital include the following:

• The ensured safety of mobility-impaired patients during stairway evacuation
• One-person operation uses fewer staff to evacuate a patient.
• Protection against lawsuits
• Answer to fears concerning emergency evacuation
• Protection of personnel from unnecessary injury
• The ensured evacuation of all patients NUH is the first hospital in Singapore to use the evacuation chair for vertical evacuation. Stairway evacuation can now be much more efficient, effective, and safe.

The NUH Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness system is critical in ensuring that the hospital can quickly respond to fire and emergency situations in the facility. The system includes the following key components:

• Continuous training and drills for staff and emergency response teams
• Requisition of necessary emergency response equipment
• Ensured compliance of procedures and systems with legal requirements.


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